Zombie Annihilation Program

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ZAP is dedicated to the annihilation of the brain-eating undead, better known as zombies.


This website is under construction.  Watch here for life-saving tips about recognizing zombies and preventing your brain from being eaten.

This website is not a joke.  Zombies are among us.  I'm talking about real zombies, not fake zombies like in Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video.

For one thing, zombies can't dance.  Zombies can barely walk.  They lurch and and they shamble, which is one of the ways to detect them. 

Just think about all the zombie movies that have come out in the last few years.  Have you see George A. Romero's " Night of the Living Dead"

and "Zombieland" and many others?  Why would there be so many zombie movies if there wasn't a grain of truth in them?  Just think about it.

All these movies have an eerily similar depiction of zombies.  These movies can't be fiction.  No way.  They appear to show real events and

should be a warning about what could happen in our neighborhoods.   Be aware !!!


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